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Meet the Transform Masters Supersix – Marcel Dybner

Meet Marcel Dybner from Besser & Co in Melbourne, Victoria

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Marcel Dybner from Besser & Co in Melbourne, Victoria talks about what he wants to get out of Transform Masters, his leadership ambitions, and his key takeaways from ARPM 2017.



Marcel: My name is Marcel Dybner. I’m from Besser & Co. Estate Agents in St. Kilda East, or Balaclava, in Victoria. I’ve been in real estate for 8 years.

Q. What do you like about your local area?

Marcel: Balaclava is a very cool area. The different types of real estate in the area and the different types of people that we interact with is definitely the most interesting part of the area that we live in.

Q. What are your leadership ambitions?

Marcel: My leadership ambitions I suppose is just to get the most out of my team and myself. We’re a small team at the moment. I think it’s important to make sure that you instil those values early on in your business so that you’ve got a strong foundation.

Q. What do you want to get out of Transform Masters?

Marcel: So what I’d really like to learn from Transform is just some strategies that will really help me to get the team and the people in my organisation to work at their best.

Q. Favourite ARPM 2017 speaker?

Marcel: The speaker that really stood out to me was Natalie Wendell from Wendell Property Services in New Zealand. Just the stage of where their business is at, what they’re trying to do as an independent brand was just really aligned with where we were.

Q. Most valuable takeaway from ARPM 2017?

Marcel: My biggest takeaway from ARPM was probably just to focus more on the client, making sure you pick your phone up more, and just blocking out all the things around you, all those things that you say you can’t do or all the things that you think you can’t do. Just breaking through those barriers and just really focusing back on the core of your business and why you got into it and what you wanted to achieve.

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