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Meet the Transform Masters Supersix – Josh Hart

Meet Josh Hart from One Agency in Launceston, Tasmania

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Josh Hart from One Agency in Launceston, Tasmania talks about what he wants to get out of Transform Masters, his leadership ambitions, and his key takeaways from ARPM 2017.



Josh: My name is Josh Hart. I’m from a beautiful place called Launceston, Tasmania and I’m the director of One Agency in Launceston. I’ve been in this incredible industry for just over 10 years.

Q. What do you like about your local area?

Josh: We’ve got such beautiful natural environments around and it’s only from a couple of minutes to half an hour and we can be at the beach or we can be at the mountains.

Q. What are your leadership ambitions?

Josh: The one thing I want to learn doing this Transform program is actually how to be fantastic at time management. Again everyone presumes that you’re fantastic and you have a strong business, but they don’t see the chaos behind the scenes and if I can make it more structured, more calming, it’s not only going to help my relationships, but it’s also going to help my staff and my team and their families that they don’t leave work each day to a stressed out environment.

Q. What do you want to get out of Transform Masters?

Josh: Everyone always presumes that if you’re in a high profiled role you’re good at leadership. It’s almost like a given, but I’ve sort of understood myself that I’m actually not that strong as a leader because I’ve never been taught how to recognise really strong talents, never to be able to give them guidance, but also that they’re not me, so for me and my leadership ambitions I want to be able to harness that person and give them the best ability to succeed for their family, but also to their true self as well.

Q. Favourite ARPM 2017 speaker?

Josh: My favourite speaker at ARPM was Cyril. In this industry everyone expects that you have to work these ridiculous hours and it’s not just nine to five. It’s 24/7. It’s almost like beating your chest like it’s a gold medal or an award. He really defined that that’s actually not a cool thing to do. It’s actually really unhealthy, but it’s also not going to give you longevity as well and that was one of the key takeaways from ARPM was not being proud that you work ridiculous hours.

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