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Tradies have ditched their bad behaviour according to survey

Tradies have long had an “image” issue. Smokos, wolf whistles, messy footprints through the house, Four ’N’ Twenty pies and the builder’s crack to name a few. Apparently, Aussie tradies have shifted their attitudes though according to new survey. They’ve ditched their bad behaviour to become health conscious and courteous.

According to a recent survey of 1,700 users of trade marketplace

No more Smoko
  • 74.72% of tradies don’t smoke.
  • Of those that do, 16.60% smoke once per day.
  • Only 8.68% report smoking more than once per day
Tradies turn up on time
  • 56% of tradies report never arriving late.
  • Of those that have turned up late, only 1.13% report doing it most of the time
Talk Back Radio still popular
  • Tradies still love Alan Jones while working on the job, although Nova 96.9 and Today FM 104.1 are the preferred options for background noise.
  • 19.91% of tradies report listening to podcasts while at work in a hat-tip to modern technology.
Kale salad replaces Four ’N’ Twenty Pies
  • 84% of tradies prefer a healthy packed lunch from home.
  • 16% admit to still eating takeaway on the job

And it seems as though their customers agree too. The conventional stereotypes were put to over 1,000 customers, specifically smoko’s, bad B.O, mess, and wolf whistling. Encouragingly less than 10% of respondents think tradies are guilty as charged. 55% of people who had hired a tradie said that none of the traditional stereotypes apply.

Jeremy Levitt, CEO of said “Tradies can no longer get away with bad behaviour.

The secret to winning more jobs is positive word of mouth and generating lots of reviews online. 60% of customers report hiring a tradie 2 or 3 times so there is no room for a tradie to cause offence. In addition, tradie marketplace sites like eliminate businesses with negative reviews so the days of seeing the worst behaviour on the job seem to be over.”

Survey data from a survey of 1,709 users of in September 2017, an online services marketplace connecting customers with over 150,000 local tradies.

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan is the in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.