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  • how to get more real estate listings

    29 ideas for real estate agents to build a database and win more listings

    Ask most real estate agents what their most common pain point is and they’ll likely give you the same answer. They want to spend more time interacting with clients and closing deals, and less time doing all the tedious administration that comes with real estate. While the legal complexities of real estate demand that some…

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  • People Power

    On the surface, the link between producing commercial quantities of soup and selling houses is extremely tenuous. Dig a little deeper and you may find the connection not so far fetched. Former Campbell’s Soup CEO Doug Conant was renowned for saying “to win in the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace”. It’s an…

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  • Weekly Auction Wrap: Has the clearance rate topped out?

    While it was another strong weekend across the country for auctions, we’ve had the first downtick in a number of weeks, which could signal that the surge in the clearance rate is starting to ease. Over the weekend, the latest Corelogic data has shown 75.7 per cent of homes sold at auction across the country,…

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  • Weekly Auction Wrap: Are the boom times back?

    It’s been another strong weekend for auctions across the country as the clearance rate remains at boom-time highs. Sydney had a preliminary auction clearance rate of 78.9 per cent while Melbourne was also strong at 76.1 per cent. These are the same types of numbers that we were seeing in the recent housing boom in…

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  • How to differentiate in your listing presentations: Alex Ouwens

    Different dynamics are at play in the real estate market in cities across the country. The eastern seaboard has tanked with prices dropping, while Perth is going through a recovery phase. In South Australia and Tasmania, the market has been more resilient and even growing, while Brisbane has remained reasonably steady. It’s important to remember…

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  • Weekly auction wrap: It’s official – clearance rate at highest level in two years

    It’s been another strong result for auctions across the country as the clearance rate hit a two-year high. Again it was Sydney and Melbourne leading the charge with Sydney coming in strong with a preliminary clearance rate of 84.7 per cent, three per cent higher than last week. Melbourne was also strong with their preliminary…

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  • Using data to guarantee rent: LongView Real Estate

    In Australia the traditional real estate model is changing with agencies employing in-house photographers, videographers, database experts, marketing and creative specialists. In November last year, LongView burst onto the scene in Melbourne, providing a data-driven agency focused on property investors. Co-founder Evan Thornley is a former co-founder, chair and CEO of LookSmart, a pioneer of…

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  • The changing roles of real estate

    ONCE UPON A TIME, a real estate agency comprised a principal, sales agents and a handful of support staff. Now, with big data and technology coming to the fore, the traditional real estate roles are changing with the times. Ahead of the Business of Real Estate Conference, Kylie Dulhunty looks at US game changer Compass and the roles they see…

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  • Auctions this week: Using Market Momentum

    Even though the weather still says winter, auction markets are warming up right around Australia - the only problem is a lack of stock. This week our auctioneers are hinting this might actually be a good thing for potential sellers. Queensland: Closing the gap Two-time Australasian Auctioneer Of The Year winner Justin Nickerson of Apollo Auctions…

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  • The Great Equaliser: Caroline Bolderston

    Have you ever watched The Amazing Race? Being a competitive person by nature, I love the concept of teams of two, racing around the world to be the first to the finish line. Not to mention they take home USD$1 million. One thing I realised from watching the reality show was the strategy involved in…

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  • Auctions this week: Buyers are back

    According to CoreLogic, the first week of July 2019 saw a combined capital clearance rate above 60 per cent for the fourth consecutive week. With the Federal Election now an almost distant memory, Elite Agent spoke to some of Australia and NZ’s top auctioneers to see if buyers are really back, and what the lead-up…

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  • Always be educating: Mark McLeod

    Stock management and vendor education are, for many, among the most challenging tasks as a real estate agent. Following one of the deepest and longest sustained growth periods, many agents haven’t developed the skills or understanding needed in this section of the real estate process. This area can be difficult, daunting and, in many cases…

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  • The Wow Factor: How to market prestige property

    Ballerinas dancing inside bubbles, weeping cherry trees, launch parties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and curated dinners are among big-ticket ways prestige homes are marketed across the country. Forget quick photo shoots, 2D floor plans and a snappy artist’s sketch; prestige property marketing has reached epic proportions as developers and real estate agents seek…

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  • How to get a more successful auction outcome: Andy Reid

    Did you know there are 7.53 billion people on this planet? Based on that, it’s safe to say there is no magic formula for auction success. We are dealing with a lot of different people who all have different maps or views of the world. However, if you tune into your consumers and pay attention…

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