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Stockdale & Leggo announce an exciting new partnership with Australia’s fastest growing finance aggregator

Stockdale & Leggo are excited to announce an innovative new partnership with finance aggregator Finsure that is set to advance their customer service offering and streamline the process of buying property.

An award-winning company recently named Aggregator or the Year, Finsure manage more than 1400 of the best brokers across their nation-wide network. Allowing them to work under their own brand name, Finsure provide brokers with access to 60 lenders as well as comprehensive training, compliance and professional advice.

The purpose of the partnership is to connect Stockdale & Leggo offices with local Finsure brokers who will provide agents and principals with expert financial advice and solutions. Acting as an extension of the team, brokers will spend face-to-face time in the office as well as attend open house inspections and be available on call to accept enquiries from customers looking to purchase through the Finsure network.

The idea behind the initiative was borne from a conversation with Stockdale & Leggo COO Anna Thomas and Finsure Managing Director John Kolenda, and offers many benefits to agents and customers alike. Having a broker on hand means that customers are granted access to genuine advice on what they can afford, and can get their finance approved fast. This allows customers to get into their new homes sooner while supporting agents to streamline the sales process.

‘Unlike many of the other options currently available on the market, we have a vested interest in ensuring that the right brokers are matched with the right offices. In most other relationships like this, the broker would approach the agency and build a team underneath that, but the relationship would be owned by the broker, whereas ours is a corporate relationship,’ says Finsure General Manager of Sales Simon Bednar.

‘The reason the relationship works is that Stockdale & Leggo and Finsure are both similar businesses, focused on improving the experience both brands have with our customers and we’re willing to find and drive innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve.’

According to Stockdale & Leggo COO Anna Thomas, the partnership has already resulted in an improved sales experience with many offices already reaping the benefits of an exclusive broker relationship.

‘We already have Stockdale & Leggo offices such as Epping, Croydon, Doncaster and Cranbourne taking part in this exciting opportunity with many more soon to join them,’ says Anna.

‘We’re thrilled to be involved with such an innovative organisation like Finsure, and I’m confident that the partnership will bring many benefits for years to come.’

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