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Refined data heats up leads for Century 21 Network

Century 21 has introduced ‘OppScore’ technology across its Australasian network to assist in nurturing and measuring leads from database information.

Using advanced algorithms, the automated OppScore technology consistently analyses contact data in the network’s e-Sales CRM platform and then directly notifies agents about prospective lead values within their individual databases.

OppScore algorithms will determine a ‘score’ for contacts using a wide range of criteria obtained from within the database, such as the contact’s performance, engagement, activity and even inactivity. This score will help agents to gauge the level of attention a contact requires.

Charles Tarbey, Chairman and Owner of Century 21 Australasia, believes OppScore will prove to be a significant enhancement to the network’s internally-developed CRM system and lead to more business for agents: “An agent’s database can contain a goldmine of information and it is something they work incredibly hard to develop. We wanted to provide our agents with the technology to leverage this data to its full potential.

“OppScore will assist in taking some of the legwork out of managing a database, whilst providing rich insights into the status of prospective leads.

“It is essentially makes database mining more efficient and more strategic,” said Charles Tarbey.

One of the most attractive features of OppScore is that it requires little more from agents beyond the regular communication and engagement they have with their clients. This interaction will consistently refine the effectiveness of the algorithms.

Agents will be able to access the OppScore analysis by logging in to their e-Sales dashboard. They will find notifications from OppScore about the status of contacts, such as when certain contacts need attention based on recent activity or whether they are interested parties in an upcoming property inspection.

“Century 21’s commitment to being a lead generation business means that we are continually looking at ways to enhance our offer to our salesforce, which in turn helps them to provide optimum solutions for all clients,” said Charles Tarbey.

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