NationalNewsSupplier News launches ‘Marketplace’ to sell off the plan property

‘Marketplace’ is a new digital platform connecting residential real estate agents, project marketers and financial planners with developers and builders to sell off-the-plan property.

REA Group says demand for property in Australia has reached all-time highs over the last year and buying off-the- plan is becoming more desirable for many. More than 50% of Australians searching on are now considering buying an off-the-plan property as a way to get into the market at an affordable entry point, while still maintaining their lifestyle.’s new Marketplace platform has been designed to open up the doors for more real estate agents, project marketers and on-sellers to access off-the-plan opportunities for their buyers.

The experience also provides property developers and builders with the opportunity to reach new selling agents beyond their existing networks. The platform brings both the supply and demand worlds together via a smart matching process that aims to improve the speed and efficiency of off-the-plan sales in Australia.

Joseph Lyons, REA Group Executive General Manager – Commercial & Developer, commented: “We looked at what was happening in the Australian property market, and what our customers needed most, then thought about how we could leverage our capabilities as a market leader in technology to build a seamless solution which benefits both developers and agents.”

“Marketplace helps our developer customers access more channels to sell property and connects them with agents who are ready to sell their projects faster and more efficiently.”

Andrew Rechtman, REA Group Executive General Manager – Residential, commented: “Marketplace will allow real estate agents to introduce their database of buyers to a selection of new off-the-plan properties.”

“This presents a great opportunity for agents who may be seeking to expand their business by participating in off-the-plan markets.”

Access to Marketplace is available now at

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan is the in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.