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Real Estate Bookings Announces Rebrand to Plezzel

Real Estate Bookings, a leading national provider of marketing automation software and digital marketing services, today announced the business’ rebrand to Plezzel, which will include a new logo and website.

The comprehensive rebrand demonstrates the company’s ongoing focus to provide a completely digital platform for the real estate industry. Based on terminology used for Product Line Engineering (PLE), Plezzel is fun and creative.

Plezzel will continue to offer lead management and digital marketing solutions focused on helping real estate agents be successful while investing in technologies and services that will transform the real estate business.

“We found customers were confused with our brand and it was time for a change,” said Greg McCutcheon, CEO.

“Our platform has evolved to cater for the entire real estate customer journey and we are very excited to announce the launch of Plezzel”.

Plezzel was founded in 2011 and the Real Estate Bookings brand represented the company’s main activity, an inspection booking system. Since then, the software has evolved into a comprehensive mix of digital marketing products and services; with inspection bookings representing only a small feature in the company’s product offering.

“We are unique in what we do and it was time our brand reflected this,” said Greg McCutcheon. “Suppliers and customers were confused with our product and services. The new brand provides freedom for our team to explore, disrupt and push boundaries while being 100% devoted to great customer experiences and generating leads for our customers.”

The new brand identity was created to push the boundaries of digital, and the new logo is designed to be bold and unique. It reflects passion, fun, and creativity.

Visit to explore the new website to learn more.

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