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REA Group accredited as a White Ribbon Workplace

REA Group has been accredited as a White Ribbon Workplace – a company recognised for taking active steps to prevent and respond to violence against women.

To become accredited, workplaces must spend 18 months demonstrating their commitment to gender equality, increasing awareness within their organisation of the issue, and leading by example within their industry.

Over this period REA has implemented many changes to further foster a culture of equity, antiviolence and mutual respect for all its people. It has introduced a training program to help managers recognise and act when someone may be in a violent relationship, as well as promoting respectful language via a ‘Language Matters’ staff campaign.

The Group has also introduced 20 days of additional paid leave for any employee who experiences domestic violence to ensure they get the help and support they need.

Tracey Fellows, REA Group Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We have focussed our efforts on taking steps to stop violence against women. We also want our people to have open conversations about this important issue and that they continue these discussions at home and in the community.”

The digital advertising company is one of 122 companies that have been accredited by Australia’s leading domestic violence campaigner.


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Azal Khan

Azal Khan is the in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.
  • Cheyenne Morrison

    Dear Azal, Elite Agent Magazine et al, I must protest. I am a male victim of domestic violence, White Ribbon refuses to acknowledge victims like myself, or my daughter who was abused by her Mother. The organisation uses language which specifically paints men as the only perpetrator of domestic violence, and women as the sole victims. While I can see that supporting them is well-meaning, I feel I must point out that as a Real Estate Agent and a survivor of terrible abuse to me and my daughter, that seeing this profoundly upsets me.

    I would urge you to please watch this program which appeared on SBS…

    Angry Girls: The Rise Of Female Violence

    Every organization such as White Ribbon campaign etc uses the exact phrase to describe domestic violence as … “violence against women and children”. Our Watch’s banner states in big, bold letters “End Violence Against Women and Their Children”. White Ribbon campaign states “To prevent Men’s Violence Against Women” children excluded as well in that one. Screenshots attached showing these egregiously wrong, untruthful and exclusionary statements. The Australian Government has followed along, and their language follows the same misleading pattern, dubbed “The National Council to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children”. Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety, Australia’s first national research body on “reducing violence against women and their children”.

    It is a fact that 23-30% of victims of DV are men (depending upon the source), as you well know. I can give you evidence from the ABS and Australian Senate enquiries. Yet knowing this you and the organisations above continue to use language which specifically excludes me and my daughter, and diminishes our experiences and pain. In perusing every website dealing with Domestic Violence they all follow the same language, only one makes any mention of male victims, although buried deep within it… “Violence can occur within any kind of relationship. This includes violence by women towards men, violence targeting older people or people with disabilities, and violence by teenagers towards parents.”

    This is gender politics, pure and simple. By referring to Family Domestic Violence in this exclusionary and very gender specific way you are further victimizing me personally. In a 2015 Senate review of Domestic Violence Dr Elizabeth Celi best described this.

    “The other factor we need to consider is the social health aspects for men, where people disbelieve or invalidate their experience. That is a form of revictimisation. For someone who is already receiving mental and emotional abuse, social abuse or financial abuse, it is a very insidious and difficult-to gauge thing. To then be disbelieved, or invalidated or told to ‘suck it up’ et cetera further inhibits their ability to report it. So it is easier actually to deal with it by yourself.”

    The Australian Senate, Finance and Public Administration References Committee, Domestic violence in Australia, August 2015. Page 33, Committee Hansard, 5 November 2014, pp 47-48.

    ABC Fact Check Re: Domestic Violence Claims

    • Samantha McLean

      Hi Cheyenne – thanks for sharing and I’m sorry to hear of yours and your daughters story. I’m not sure if you are aware but White Ribbon do acknowledge that violence against men is also a problem on their website and that all forms of violence are unacceptable. See below.

      This states:
      Violence against men and other forms of violence

      Men’s violence against women is not the only form of violence. White Ribbon acknowledges that violence is experienced by both men and women.

      The majority of domestic violence victims in Australia are women, and this is most likely to be perpetrated by a man. At the same time, female domestic violence against men and in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) relationships occurs too.

      All forms of violence are unacceptable.

      Because different kinds of violence have different causes and effects, violence prevention campaigns need a central focus to be successful in their mission.

      White Ribbon Australia engages men to highlight the positive role men can play to stop domestic violence and other forms of men’s violence against women. White Ribbon Australia tailors messaging and tools to achieve this mission.

      Working together

      There are other organisations working to stop violence against men and other forms of violence through evidence-based action and best practice.

      White Ribbon Australia actively promotes and supports external initiatives via a national awareness campaign and through primary prevention programs. This is part of the White Ribbon Australia community based model to draw on external expertise rather than to reinvent the wheel.

      Information on organisations working to stop violence against men and other forms of violence can be found on our support services page.

      Hopefully the work done between us will see the elimination of all forms of violence one day.

      • Cheyenne Morrison

        “Occurs to” hmmmm well at least they have finally acknowledged victims like me, but “occurs too” still feels pretty exclusionary to me. This statement also does not mention that domestic violence towards children occurs equally between the sexes, so no mention at all that 50% of the abuse of children is carried out by women. The statement is false, there is no organisation that protects or lobbies for male victims of domestic violence, not children affected. While there are various “Men’s” organisations, none of them really deals with male victims of DV. As an example there are 7 organisations protecting female DV victims in Cairns where I live, and none to help victims like myself, and more importantly my daughter.

        I still fail to see why White Ribbon deliberately excludes 30% of victims of DV just because we are the wrong gender. It still downplays the problem we face, and diminishes us. I am a proud and loving Father, I abhor all violence and want my daughter to grow up in a world where ALL domestic violence is highlighted, not just what is politically correct.

        Male victims of DV want it stopped as well, and why aren’t our voices and stories worthy of telling other men that DV is just wrong? I still stand by my complaint, and I still view White Ribbon as a biased organisation. Regardless of their statement above they still make no mention of 50% of children affected by DV, shame on them.


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