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Ray White makes key leadership appointment

Ray White believes it can now predict who their next high-performing agents are most likely to be.

Over the last 18 months, Ray White has been working on its own tool to identify benchmarks for success using psychometric, aptitude and personality testing.

Ray White has spent extensive time and effort in identifying benchmarks for how its high performers act and behave, and says it can now accurately indicate the probability for future success across a number of roles.

The real estate group has just appointed Simon Power as its national talent and leadership manager to drive this recruitment program deeper into its network. The 39-year-old Sydneysider will support the group’s 1,000 offices across Australia and New Zealand in identifying the best salespeople to service their local communities.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and cognitive abilities.

Ray White network development CEO Andrew McCulloch said benchmarks for success help business owners to profile their teams and recruit the best people possible.

“As always, results vary and performance will always come down to the individual’s personality and character, but these tests help us to match people with the right roles and offices to achieve their utmost potential,” Mr McCulloch said.

“I am confident Simon will help drive the network’s high-performance agents and teams and also identify our next generation of leaders.”

Mr Power – who is studying an MBA – comes to Ray White from an education background. He was the General Manager of a national company which owned two registered training organisations.

“I have experience helping large multinationals to develop programs, from baseline training right through to leadership. I also have a customer service background in the hospitality industry, so I am no stranger to helping large organisations with recruitment and development,” he said.

“I have long been impressed by the family values at Ray White and it has such a strong leadership bench that I am excited to work with.

“While I am also studying for my real estate licence, I also know that recruitment, leadership and management skills are transferable across industries and there are many synergies I can share.

“I am here to help the network attract talent and help senior stakeholders to understand their current talent pool by way of psychometric testing, plus leadership development. At Ray White we are focused on developing high-performing teams across our networks.

“So many successful agents and property managers may have a wealth of experience in their area but need some support when they become principals or team leaders,” Mr Power added.

“There’s a famous quote from a CFO to a CEO which says, ‘What if we train these people and they leave?’ And the CEO says, ‘But what if we don’t train them and they stay?’. It is true.

“We cannot stop training and developing people for fear that they might leave. We just have to make sure our business owners are attracting the right people to their organisations first and have the right culture to keep them.”

Mr Power says that when leaders understand their own weaknesses, they can hire the right people to complement them.

“We offer our principals the profiling, to have a look at their thinking patterns, behaviours and interests, and then see how they align with their team.”

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