Putting Local Businesses to The Test

Leading tradesmen service provider, Tradebusters, has launched a new service to help homeowners find the best local businesses – and with only three prime positions available, it has local companies competing to secure a position in its exclusive network.

Tradebusters was one of the first companies in Australia to introduce a personalised tradesmen concierge model for connecting homeowners to pre-qualified tradesmen. Now it is doing the same with Tradebusters Connect by putting local businesses to the test with its invite-only premium listings.

And the Tradebusters difference – only three businesses by profession and area will be listed, meaning the company is committed to sourcing only the best, most reputable businesses as service providers for its online site and profiling them as Tradebusters Premium 3 Connections.

Laorence Nohra, CEO of Tradebusters, said, “Unlike most online directories, Tradebusters Connect does not allow any business to register.

Our goal is to help consumers with three solid, quality choices (and not just a long list of random names) and take away the time, guesswork and risk that is normally involved.

“Many market research surveys confirm that consumers value recommendations and that it continues to be the most influential source of advertising,” Ms Nohra said.

“With our business selection processes, it’s like going for a job interview as it includes face-to-face meetings and thorough reference checks. This offers great peace of mind to any homeowner using the service and wanting to connect with one of the listed businesses. Our motto is simple: We don’t accept just anyone!”

The benefit for local businesses of being part of Tradebusters Connect for reputational and credibility value was confirmed at the company’s July launch event, which had over 86 per cent of attendees interested in participating in the new service.

“For established local businesses in property maintenance, real estate and finance, it provides an excellent opportunity to stand out from their competitors and to be valued for the reputable operators they are,” concluded Ms Nohra.

For further information visit www.tradebustersconnect.com.au.

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