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PMs and Owners stand to Win with Digital Solar Partnership

Property management business solutions company, ireviloution, has partnered with a game changing digital solar technology company, Matter, to help positively disrupt the property management industry.

Matter has launched Digital Solar, a world-first technology bundle that converts solar systems into micro-utilities, with benefits for every player in the property market. The Australian start-up is set to shake up the way property managers, property owners, tenants and solar installers monitor, manage and monetise energy.

Australians are the highest adopters of solar energy in the world, with 1 in 5 owner occupied homes (1.4m houses) using solar panels. However, there are 2.4m rented properties in Australia and only 1 in 100 of them have solar installed. This is because landlords can’t justify the cost of installing solar panels when the benefit goes to the tenant, referred to as the ’Split Incentive’ problem.

Digital Solar is transforming the energy industry by converting roof top solar energy into profit for the owner and savings for the tenant, presenting opportunities for people in the property management industry.

Matter Business Development Director, Stuart McGregor, said that their Digital Solar platform connects and supports all players in the property market ecosystem and makes solar energy a viable investment for all parties.

“Our Digital Solar technology allows Principals and their property management teams to deliver greater value and revenue to both their clients and respective businesses, property owners to profit directly from their tenanted properties’ solar, tenants to enjoy cheaper and cleaner energy, and solar installers to capitalise on an untapped market of tenanted properties,” Stuart said.

Prominent industry trainer, Jo-Anne Oliveri, Founder and Managing Director of property management business solutions company ireviloution, believes that Digital Solar is a no-brainer for Principals who want to be on the cutting edge of technologies that positively grow their businesses and, as a result, has integrated Matter’s Landlord Solar Platform into ireviloution’s property management systems and training.

“Digital Solar is the perfect way to improve your service standards, build stronger relationships with your clients, and increase both your landlords’ and business’ revenue; and that’s all whilst delivering cleaner, safer and cheaper energy, which is why our ireviloution property management systems and training will now help our Principals and their teams utilise this worldfirst technology,” Jo-Anne said.

Jo-Anne went on to say that, “Utilising this game changing technology will make your agency stand out from the rest as the benefits to your property management business will be three-foldit helps you increase your annual revenue, make your existing rent roll more valuable with a predictable income stream from solar, and earn extra management fees for facilitating the process with your tenants and installers.”

Set to positively disrupt the property management industry and change the way property managers, landlords, tenants and service providers monitor, manage and monetise energy, Digital Solar is available to register now by visiting smartmatter.com.

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