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New App Removes Price Barrier to Augmented Reality

The case for using augmented reality (AR) technology in the real estate industry has always been compelling but for many, implementation costs have put it way out of reach – until now.

Imagine consumers being able to use Augmented Reality to see how their furniture might look in a new property at the touch of a button on their mobile devices; this is appears likely not too far away using cloud technology by Melbourne-based startup Plattar.

Its Plattar app builder and content management system, which it describes as “the world’s simplest AR creator’’ gives users the ability to add digital layers of their own design to real-world objects and environments.

Plattar CEO Rupert Deans said AR was one of the most talked about technologies in the world of business and the company’s goal was to make it accessible to a much wider market.

“Previously users have found AR expensive to create, hard to manage and requiring a technical skill set,’’ he said. “In addition, a big barrier to mass uptake of the technology has always been the need for hardware to be AR enabled.’’

He said the platform allowed users to create, update and deploy content in real time. “It’s as simple as making a change and hitting save with no coding required.’’

Significantly Plattar has attracted some big backers, capturing part of its $1 million seed funding from News Corp, owner of REA Group, which is already integrating it into its operations.

Where is it being used?

CIO Magazine reports early adoption by Home decor retailer Escape to Paradise. Developing a 3D Decor App which allows customers to print out a “marker page” and then place a range of her products in various places around their own homes. Their sales teams have also used the product as a tool to secure a hotel deal.


What is AR?

Augmented reality takes traditional flat print sales materials such as brochures and photos and overlays them with digital information that becomes visible to users in a much richer, 3D format via a smartphone or other device. It allows them to experience the space without having to be physically present.

What is Plattar?

Plattar is a cloud-based platform that allows brands, publishers and agencies to create, manage and distribute augmented reality content in a simple cost-effective way.

It comprises a template-driven app builder and content management system for managing AR experiences and can deploy content to any device.

The pricing model varies according to client size and user numbers but costs start from $99 a month.

The Plattar app is available for a 14-day trial from both Apple and Android app stores.

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