Industry NewsNews appoints a Chief Growth Officer has added the role of Chief Growth Officer and filled it with Jenn Adams, a former senior executive at iProperty Group, which is the leading property website group in Asia and was acquired by the REA Group for $750 million in 2016. is the number one Chinese international property portal and Ms Adams’ early focus in the role will be setting up a Southeast Asian business divisions where new roles will be created. She will be based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience in sales and leadership, she is an executive in real estate and media, including online, print, outdoor, and TV.

As General Manager of Malaysia – Media and Developer at iProperty Group, Ms Adams played a key role in developing teams and strategies that allowed the company to expand into new markets and delivered strong year-on-year revenue growth.

She oversaw a multi-national sales team of nearly 30, played a key role in laying out the company’s digital product roadmap, and developed new revenue-generating products. She helped the company exceed revenue expectations across all channels, including digital, mobile, print, events, and sponsorships.

Ms Adams remained with iProperty Group through its acquisition by the REA Group. She most recently worked as General Manager of Media & Partnerships at Trading Post, the leading Australian online classifieds business.

Carrie Law,’s CEO, said,

“Jenn’s mandate is to extend’s current core competency of online property subscription and media advertising. We want her to lead the expansion into a total-solution model, with a focus on online-to-offline consumer relationship management that makes full use of the cumulative intelligence that big data provides.

“ has a mission to empower all Chinese to be global residents and property investors. The whole consumer buying journey is never just online or offline. We help customers such as agents, developers, project marketers and other industry players to discover and address consumers’ pain points so they can more easily complete a transaction. For, this creates sustainable revenue growth.

“By creating the position of Chief Growth Officer, we are committing to our fellow stakeholders that we are moving beyond thinking about growth in the context of our own revenue. We now conceive of growth instead as a way to improve our core value proposition for both consumers and customers.

“Jenn will help us improve our reach in relatively untapped markets and to engage developers and agents who are seeking to work with affluent Chinese international property buyers.

“ is the No. 1 Chinese international property website, but we are not satisfied with our achievements. We want to do an even better job of serving consumers and the industry. The current Board and management team are laying the foundations for to be a successful company — not just in the next year or next decade — but as far in the future as the next century.

“Having worked with Jenn closely at iProperty and the REA Group, I know she is one of the best. She joins our excellent existing team and will make a great contribution in this new role.”

Ms Adams said, “ has a fantastic track record. It has bridged the gap between Chinese consumers and the international property industry in a way that no other company has been able to do. I am excited to be able to help extend its unique offering on a global scale.”

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan is the in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.