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Episode 45: How to build rapport and ace your dollar productive activities with Josh Pyatt and Charmaine Keegan

Guest Interview: Samantha McLean talks to real estate coach Josh Pyatt and sales/NLP expert Charmaine Keegan of Smarter Selling about the top dollar productive activities (namely door-knocking and cold-calling), mindset tips to improve your prospecting, and how your body language and energy can be used to build rapport and customer trust.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Josh Pyatt and Charmaine Keegan


01:50    Identifying the key dollar productive activities in real estate.
03:05    To build rapport, come from a place of honesty and be there to help.
04:30    Helping clients encourages them to be open in return and subconsciously mirror your positive body language
05:30    Cold-calling; the hardest calls to make, how to build rapport making them.
07:00    Changing the mindset of ‘cold-calling’: call it ‘warm-calling’ and ‘prospecting’
08:30    Start your day off with easy wins to maintain your daily productivity
10:00    Anchor your prospects and clients with positivity; lift them with your energy
11:00    Making your cold call about the customer and what’s in it for them, not yourself,
13:30    Approach your prospects as a partnership; as if you’re standing next to them.
14:00    Should you be sitting or standing during your calls?
16:00    Door-knocking; why it is essential in real estate
17:30    “Face time equals more business.”
19:00    “You can smile. You can talk with your body language before saying anything.”
21:00    Zig Ziglar: “Stop selling, start helping.”
21:45    Josh’s tips to win the vendor over in your appraisal and/or listing presentation
22:30    Be the vendor’s agent before even being selected as their agent; make your unique service known.
24:20    Putting yourself in the vendor’s shoes to identify their challenges with listing.
25:00    Use what vendors say and do as ‘intel’ to know how to sell to them.
27:00    Selecting an agent isn’t just down to the price; the little things you do add up.
28:30    “What you’re seeking to do as an agent is understand them.” (the vendor)
29:00    Rapport is about showing your customers that they can trust you.
31:00    Using the decision-making processes of customers to your advantage
33:00    Adjusting your mindset for the customer and still be helpful on your bad days
34:00    Don’t expect the highs and lows; energy is constant and you control it.
35:00    If you and the rest of the world wrote down your problem and threw it in a hat, you’ll soon grab your own problem back.
36:00    If in a negative state; recognise it, but don’t pass it to your coworkers. Re-frame your mindset first.
38:00    “If you do good numbers with quality, you’re going to be a great agent.”

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