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Episode 31: Paul Tonich and John Percudani, Realmark and Altitude join forces, social media tips and more

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 2 February, 2018

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean recaps the week that was with special guests Paul Tonich, Founder of Altitude Real Estate and John Percudani, Managing Director of Realmark.

‘Elevate’ is the official podcast of Elite Agent Magazine for real estate industry sales professionals, property managers, and leaders. Each episode, we will bring you behind the scenes coaching, news analysis, exclusive interviews, technology, and more to help you list more, sell more, and elevate your results.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guests: Paul Tonich and John Percudani


00:55 Realmark and Altitude to join forces on 1 Feb, creating Realmark Urban
01:30 How Realmark and Altitude came together, how the directors saw the strategic fit between the two companies
03:25 John’s goals for 2018, thinking forward to 2019
04:05 Paul’s goals for 2018
06:55 Create your market despite what the outside market may be doing
07:30 Don’t let the market decided your result, agents must deliver a result
11:10 What does the ideal EBU look like in 2018?
14:00 With the recent changes to Facebook, how will this impact agents’ own Facebook Pages, and what should they do in response?
16:40 Real estate advertising on Facebook
19:40 Paul’s strategies on building his presence on his own personal page and Facebook Page
23:20 What trends in real estate will make a difference in 2018, and what will the future of real estate be?

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