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Episode 30: John Cunningham, Most Trending Articles for 2018 and more

Recapping the best in real estate for the week ending 22 December, 2017

Weekly wrap: Samantha McLean recaps the week that was with special guest John Cunningham of Cunninghams Real Estate.

‘Elevate’ is the official podcast of Elite Agent Magazine for real estate industry sales professionals, property managers, and leaders. Each episode, we will bring you behind the scenes coaching, news analysis, exclusive interviews, technology, and more to help you list more, sell more, and elevate your results.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: John Cunningham


04:00   Josh Phegan: Riding the wave
06:50   ​Kylie Davis: 7 Habits Of Highly Successful Agents
09:40   ​Mark McLeod: Are You Ready to Go Digital
13:50   ​Matt Lahood: How to Build a Super-Team
18:05   ​Carl Quested: 9 Most Common Cold Call Objections (And How to Tackle Them)
20:50   ​Josh Phegan: Solving the 10 Pain Points of Prospecting: Josh Phegan
25:35   ​Chris Rolls: 5 Trends That Will Impact Real Estate In The Future
33:30   ​Eddie Cetin: 10 Productivity Apps Leading Agents Use Every Day
35:10   ​Jet Xavier: 9 Truths about Success in Real Estate
42:30   ​Ush Dhanak: 10 Signs you need to work on your Emotional Intelligence at work

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