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Everyone who works in real estate can recount at least several pivotal moments in their careers where they learn, or they grow. This series captures the stories of some of our industry's most popular professionals - across leadership, sales and property management.

Good News for Console users - We are on the way to the Cloud!

Console's new CEO Tim Molloy is no stranger to growing businesses, knowing as he does how almost any industry can be transformed through technology. Now, at the helm of Console, he is taking a close look at how to make the role of the property manager more productive and efficient using the ‘new’ Console as a vehicle for change. Samantha McLean spoke exclusively to Tim to find out more about the company’s accelerated plans to move Console to the cloud and onto more desks in 2017.

There is no doubt that Console has undergone some change in the past twelve months, most notably the ownership and leadership changes that took place late last year.

Tim Molloy, Console’s new CEO, says he is immensely enjoying both his new role and being a part of the real estate industry. He sees great opportunity for real estate to use tools that are available now in other sectors but have not been brought to bear in the property industry so far – either through lack of funding or lack of vision. “I guess you could say most of the suppliers are niche suppliers or cottage industries,” says Molloy. “Cottage industries are usually constrained in two ways: by capital – in other words how much they can do – and they are typically constrained in strategy, where perhaps the shareholders don’t have a deep understanding of the marketplace.”

Right now, Console does not have either of those issues. The new ownership includes CoreLogic, Macquarie, and Michael and Patrick Dempsey (who previously owned Ezidebit). These new shareholders are long-term players in the real estate industry who know Console well, deeply understand the marketplace, and have access to the right amount of capital to effect the change that much of the industry would like to see.

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