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Century 21 Australasian operations announces local rebrand

Century 21 Australasia is expected to announce a new logo and detail a significant repositioning of its brand at this year’s annual convention, marking one of the momentous changes in the business’ nearly fifty years of global operations.

The announcement follows the global parent unveiling an international rebranding campaign at its recent Masters event in Orlando, Florida. Global President and CEO Nick Bailey was on hand to welcome the significant change of the logo, which features a refreshed color palette that stays true to its iconic gold and black scheme, while also embracing a new modern look and shortened brand name.

Chairman and Owner of Century 21 Australasia, Charles Tarbey said the new visual identity will mark a positive evolution of the brand in the region: “The new brand is built around our new standard of defying mediocrity and delivering extraordinary real estate experiences to consumers.

“The new logo pays homage to the iconic nature of the Century 21 brand across the world but also points to the future with a fresh and vibrant outlook.”

The group says that the new identity gives Century 21 members a clear stage for their unique personalities and styles to shine through, while still providing a simple and timeless ‘gold standard’ seal of approval. Additionally, the new logo and brand identity enables Century 21 to project a modern image that makes it relevant to consumers buying properties across the spectrum, now and in the future.

“It was also pleasing to see that the logo will be shortened to ‘C21’ from ‘Century 21’ as other businesses have had a great deal of success shortening their names and capitalizing on how consumers describe their businesses,” said Charles Tarbey.

Not just a logo change, the rebrand will see Century 21 offices look and feel modern and upmarket to consumers. To coincide with the rebrand, the company has also been focusing on enhancing its customer experience in offices to ensure the network continues to lead the market in this regard.

While new C21 offices will carry the new logo and branding, due to the scale of the project, all current offices are expected to be rebranded over the coming months.

In the United States, the campaign is launching the new visual identity across TV, digital, social and print components, plus an integrated cross-channel media partnership with ESPN.

A similar cross channel campaign is expected to be announced at the Australasian convention, with an associated marketing campaign aimed at building excitement around the new brand while promoting the new modern look and outlook of the business.

“When the rebranding announcement was delivered in front of over 2400 Century 21 agents in Florida, our Global CEO received a standing ovation from the entire crowd. The passion and excitement in the room was palpable,” said Charles Tarbey.

“We are hoping for a similar response at convention when we detail the rollout of the rebrand across Australasia, what it means for franchise owners moving forward and the powerful campaign we have planned to support the project and new visual identity.

“Century 21 was always focused around delivering positive and modern real estate experiences to consumers. This is the next evolution of that promise and we couldn’t be more excited about the future,” said Charles Tarbey.

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