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Ask the Coach: How to work with your sales team to generate referrals

Ready to help with no question too big or too small is the expert coach from Real+, Kate Benjamin.

Q. How do I foster a better relationship with my sales team to generate referrals? 

The first question a sales person will ask is ‘What’s in it for me?’. Salespeople have a job to do: they must list and sell homes to get paid. This is their number one priority.

So how do we make it attractive to refer across those all-important investor leads? The answer is simple – give to gain.

Whilst a sure-fire way to grab their attention is to offer a monetary incentive, there are other ways to get the message across. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Keep it simple; make sure the team understands that lukewarm, possible investor leads are 100 per cent acceptable and that you require only a name and number to follow up a lead.
  • Consider an office leaderboard and turn referring into a competition – salespeople are competitive by nature. Report on this in a public forum on a weekly basis. This may be done by sending a group office email or at the weekly sales meeting. Consider offering a monthly or quarterly prize for both converted leads and/or leads passed across.
  • Always treat your referrers as you would a VIP client. When they do send leads your way, make sure you keep them up to date with progress and demonstrate how diligent you have been with your follow-up.

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Kate Benjamin

At REAL+, KATE BENJAMIN focuses on linking business needs to highly desirable outcomes around team, client engagement and rent roll growth. She has an extensive background in property management, growth and team leadership, and is passionate about seamless property management and measurable outcomes. For more information visit realplus.com.au.

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