PM Dojo: Learn from the Best (2018 Update) NSW CPD Course

Successful completion of this course including our assessment activity(s) will meet the requirements for 12 NSW CPD points under the current requirements of the NSW Commissioners Guidelines for CPD. (CPD Points are approved by RTO 41529 MRT)

In “PM Dojo” we have taken some of what we consider to be the best articles and topics on Property Management from writers and contributors on Elite Agent Magazine and wrapped them up into one action-packed CPD Course. In this course we will be covering business development, productivity, customer service and trust accounting best practice and much much more.

In this course, you will learn from: Josh Phegan, Amy Sanderson, Julia Ridulfo, Marianne Hynes, Carol Riley, Fiona Blayney, Aaron Clancy, Jan Malmstrom, Tracey Bulmer, Debbie Palmer, Natalie Hastings & Andrew Coronis.

To start your course: Scroll down and click the link that says “click here to begin”, or click the same link in the right hand sidebar under ‘Course Navigation’.


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