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Elite Agent is the only independent print and digital publication for the Australian Real Estate Industry. Our print magazines, Elite Agent and Elite Property Manager are published bi-monthly and our newsletter #thebrief is published daily on a weekday.

Our first issue was published in September 2014, and the past two years, we have been honoured to win Publishers Australia awards for the past two years running, for Business Editor of the Year in 2015 and Business Magazine of the Year in 2016.​​

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Team Captains

Mark Edwards, Publisher and Commercial Manager

A senior sales and commercial professional with more than 20 years experience, Mark is a multi-award winning executive with companies such as Telstra, Optus and British Telecom. He is also a keen property investor and renovator.

Mark’s strengths lie in his ability to create marketing solutions that fit the client and the product to achieve a result that meets objectives. If you need help marketing to the real estate industry, Mark is definitely your guy.

As we are passionate about transparency and proof of our audiences, Mark is also an AMAA (Audited Media Association of Australia) board member. Mark often tries to stop Sam from saying anything too controversial in our daily newsletter #THEBRIEF, but is not always as successful as he would like!

Contact Mark: [email protected]

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Samantha McLean, Managing Editor

A sales and marketing professional with more than 20 years experience (and a sales coach in her own right) she has held senior management roles in the past for companies like Optus, Cisco, British Telecom and PwC but found more excitement in the real estate industry, where, she says, “it’s much more competitive, moves at a faster pace, and every little edge counts”.

Passionate about the role of publishers in effecting positive change for their audiences, Sam says that what you don’t see on Elite Agent is just as important as what you do see.Sam loves nothing more than a funny gif or a good meme and has been known to generate a few of her own. Most fortunately, don’t see the light of day. She is however, mostly the voice of #THEBRIEF each morning and says that its much better to start the day with a laugh than a frown.

Contact Sam: [email protected]

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The people that really run the place…

Shantelle Isaaks, Marketing Ninja and Content Producer

Tim DunkPredator (Producer/Videographer/Editor)

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