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360 Rooms app allows creation of virtual tours for properties

Budget app brings virtual reality to all agents including property management

Real estate agents and property managers can now create their own immersive virtual tours in less than 10 minutes, for only $10 each, using the 360 Rooms app.

The app is free to download and pairs with the Ricoh Theta S camera to instantly capture 360 photos and stitch them together into a seamless virtual tour. The tours can be used for advertising properties or as condition records.

Melbourne-based founder Tim Kallady says the inspiration for the app came from his personal frustration with attending inspections and being disappointed.

“When you visit a property and it’s not what you thought, it wastes everyone’s time. 360 Rooms is about providing a better experience for tenants and buyers as well as agents and property managers.”

Tim Castro, BDM at Port Macquarie Property Management, is an early adopter of the software.

“Our owners love seeing their properties advertised in 360; we always include it in listing presentations,” he says.

The 10 minutes spent creating a virtual tour can save significant time and effort leasing properties.

“What we have seen is more quality applicants applying for properties and with this technology nine out of 10 applicants have already pre-filled their applications.”

Meagan, a PM at Peter Blackshaw Manuka, has seen how 360 tours can help get a tough lease across the line.

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“We had a property we were struggling to lease, and after doing a virtual tour it leased straight away.”

Users of the app upload or draw a floor plan, pair the camera with the Ricoh Theta S camera, take photos and place these on their floor plan. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes for a three-bedroom house.

The published tour is easy to view in any web browser and device, and can also be embedded within a website or included in a real estate listing.

Sales agents can also use virtual tours to easily build up a buyer database by using the app’s lead generation function, requiring users to enter their contact details in order to view the tour.

Kallady says 360 Rooms is the first platform to make 360 technology accessible and affordable in the real estate industry.

“There are so many benefits to using virtual tours, but usually one will set you back several hundred dollars, so they’re usually only used for very high-end properties. 360 Rooms is essentially democratising this technology and putting the power back into the hands of agents and property managers by making it quick, easy and cost-effective for anyone to make a virtual tour.

“More and more, prospective tenants and buyers are going to expect virtual tours as part of the buying or renting experience. It’s exciting to see so many property managers and sales agents already getting on board with 360 tours.”

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan is the in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.