3 Ways To Leverage Your Database Contacts: Tiffany Wilson

Successful real estate agencies cultivate a loyal client base. The service you provide your clients is not merely a transaction, but the start of an ongoing relationship.

Building a solid database requires a huge amount of time and effort. Once you’ve captured potential leads, it’s your job to take full advantage of these contacts.

Using digital marketing to leverage your database is a valuable strategy to keep your agency top of mind with past and potential clients. We explain why email marketing is a must, how to tailor your social advertising and the importance of sharing valuable blog content.

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Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to leverage your database contacts. By 2020, over three billion users are expected to be using email worldwide (source: The Radicati Group), making this a huge area of opportunity for your business.

With direct access to clients’ inboxes, you can communicate with those who have shown interest in what you do. Sending regular email newsletters will remind your database of the service your company provides and set you apart from your competitors.

Create a consistent email marketing strategy to build a sense of trust and anticipation from your database. Provide links to your latest blog posts, share vendor testimonials and reveal property market stats from your specialty suburbs to get readers engaging with this content.

Social advertising is a powerful way to amplify your efforts on social media. But spending huge amounts of budget blindly isn’t a smart move, especially if you are targeting the wrong audience! Targeted ads are essential to see results and generate leads on social media.

Your database contacts are aware and interested in your brand, so stay connected by setting up a series of social ads.

Uploading your database .csv file to Facebook will allow you to create Custom Audiences for future ad campaigns on Facebook. Getting in front of these contacts will prove much more profitable and help you make the most of your social advertising budget.

Whether they are actively looking to buy or sell, or perhaps casually scoping out the marketplace, your agency will be top of mind when audiences are ready to make their next property move.

Producing high-value content will help establish your brand as an industry leader in the real estate space. Blogs are a fantastic platform to promote your expertise and keep your website up to date.

Increase traffic to your website by directing your database contacts to topical blog posts. Consider what questions clients commonly ask and find ways to address these in an upcoming blog. Create a feature about one of your core suburbs, interview a local business owner or explain the selling process to deliver valuable blog content for your agency.

Get contacts clicking by sending them a personalised email promoting your latest blog post. Your database is more likely to do business with you if they are aware and interested in what you do. Assert your company’s skills and expertise in written copy to build brand awareness and rapport with potential clients.

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Tiffany Wilson

Awarded the first-ever real estate industry award for digital marketing in 2014, Tiffany Wilson founded boutique digital marketing agency Chronicle Republic to help property, interior design and home improvement industry brands bring their stories to life. Visit chroniclerepublic.com.