Kim Bamford – Transform video diary week 2

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Kim Bamford – Transform video diary week 2
By Kim Bamford
March 12, 2016

Kim Bamford answers the important questions about what she learned and took away from week 2 of Transform session with Transform head coach Claudio Encina and Greg Dickason from CoreLogic.

  1. Have you thought about your why, and defined it as a single word? How has it moved you this week?
  2. Have you started working on your own ideal week and what does it look like for you?
  3. What sales tools have you used in RP Pro this week and how has it gone for you?
  4. What was one thing that surprised you the most and one thing that is completely new to you this week that you will use from now on?


About The Author
Kim Bamford
Kim Bamford
Kim Bamford is part of the #SuperSix of Transform 2016. Kim is from Davey Real Estate in Scarborough WA and she is a Sales Consultant